Our vision

Mental health and wellbeing are essential to everyone and all of us deserve to live  a life unhindered by emotional stresses.

Counselling and therapy are proven methods for improving mental health and wellbeing, interrupting negative cycles of behaviour, improving self-esteem and resilience. This in turn facilitates independence, employability and the capacity to relate positively to others within our communities.

At The Bower Tree we believe that access to counselling and therapy should not be limited by age, financial situation, ethnicity or social background and our mission is to address this by offering low cost (or in some cases free) counselling, therapy and wellbeing sessions to individuals, groups and families in Sussex.

Need for the services offered by The Bower Tree may include, but not be limited to: family breakdown, separation, divorce, financial difficulties, bereavement, loss, long term illness, stress, abuse, trauma, shock, having specific or additional needs, or a family member with a disability or illness.

Referrals for therapy may come from a GP, or another charitable organisation, or you may choose to self-refer.

The Bower Tree currently have three projects that may be of benefit to individuals and organisations:

‘Under The Bower Online’ – 10 low cost counselling or therapy sessions via video call. The low cost fee is £120 and this covers the cost of initial consultation, assessment and clinical supervision of the counsellor or therapist. The 10 sessions are free of charge.

‘Walk & Talk’ – 10 low cost, face to face counselling sessions outside whilst walking. The low cost fees are the same as those for the online video calls listed above.

‘The Schools Project’ – free counselling for students at educational settings with therapists or counsellors needing to complete supervised clinical placement hours in their first years of practice. Therapy is free for students, but supervision will need to be paid for by the school or educational institution. Funding is available for this and The Bower Tree are happy to assist in any funding applications.

For information on how to get help or make a self- referral for therapy, please email your enquiry to info@thebowertree.co.uk

The Founding Directors

Tara Canick MBACP – Founding Director

Tara has worked in educational settings for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in working with children and adolescents.

In 2014 Tara retrained as an arts counsellor at Tobias School of Art & Therapy and holds a Level 7 ( Master equivalent) in transpersonal arts counselling through City & Guilds.

As well as holding private practice for children and adults, Tara continues to work as a therapist for several schools and charitable organisations across Sussex.

Diane Lock MBACP- Founding Director

Diane is a fully qualified therapeutic arts counsellor with extensive experience in helping families and individuals resolve some of the challenges they face in life.

Graduating from Tobias School of Art & Therapy, Diane holds a Level 7 ( Master equivalent) in transpersonal arts counselling through City & Guilds.

Diane has also completed postgraduate training at Tavistock and Portman, in London in conjunction with the University of Essex, specialising in child, adolescent and family mental well being as well as systemic approaches to working with individuals, families and organisations.

How you can get involved

  • Volunteer – we are seeking fully trained therapists who have either graduated or who are needing to complete clinical placement hours. There is no specific modality or training background required, however we welcome therapists who specialise in play, and arts interventions as well as talking therapies.
  • Support in kind – we need access to venues that can provide free or low cost use of space for confidential meetings or support groups. If you are an organisation Sussex that is able to offer the use of venue space, please get in touch.
  • Fundraise – help raise awareness of the services offered by The Bower Tree and gather much needed funds at the same time. Fundraising can take any form from sponsored walks & runs to cake sales and concerts. Be creative and have fun!
  • Donate – we rely completely on grants and donations in order to run as a low cost therapeutic service, all donations no matter how small, are deeply appreciated.


Please email all enquiries to: